Our bedroom is our favorite spot in our house, and probably in the whole wide world. This is because the space of our bedroom is very personal and intimate with us. With its significance to us, we want it to look as beautiful as it can be. 

Making our bedroom more appealing does not mean we have to break the bank to do so, we just need a little bit of money and a whole lot of creativity. You also have the choice of doing one improvement at a time or do it all in setting, depending on your time and money. To give you knowledge, here are the clever tips to make your small bedroom more appealing. 


Simplify the Colors

When our bedroom has only limited space, we also have to simplify the colors in it; otherwise, we will make it look like stuffy and crowded, making space look like smaller. One option is to paint the room with all white; this is the safest choice to make your room more appealing. You can contrast the white walls with black pillows or the options of soft neutrals my adding grey colored furniture and objects. 

If you don’t like this white feature, you can also use any color you want. Just be careful with the color combinations, don’t select two colors with the same hue intensity, have a main color and then complement it with another.  

Utilize Natural Light

Another clever way to make your small bedroom look more appealing is by letting natural light come in. When your room receives this natural light, it will make the room look more airy and spacious. Not only would light come in, but also the fresh breeze that is very gratifying to feel. If you are worried about privacy, you can hang simple curtains, roller blinds, or flat panels of voile. 

Maximize space for Storage

One of the problems with having a small room is that we only have minimal space for storage. But with creativity, we can solve this by making a customized unit of compartments that would occupy all area of the wall. This way, you can store neatly all the things you have, and you won’t make the room stuffy. And aside from having utility purposes, the customized unit would also add an appealing factor in your room.  

Do the Mirror Trick

Another way to make a small bedroom more appealing is by doing the mirror trick. Mirrors make the room more spacious and thus appealing. One way to do the mirror trick is by purchasing one large mirror that can fit all or the majority of space of one wall. You can put this large mirror behind the head of your bed, and when someone goes into your bedroom, all space would be reflected by the mirror and thus, making the room larger.  

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