If your kid has a serious or severe illness, the caretaking which falls to you is definitely intense. However, you should do this carefully and willingly. After all, you would do anything for your baby and that includes switching places in a moment if only that was possible. 

You would give everything that you can in all ways instead. It is harder than anything in this world you have ever done, and there are instances when the magnitude of what you are up against is very overwhelming that you just have to hide or run. Consult any parents who have done this prior and you will realize something very essential. Or you can also visit www.magicmdclinic.comYou are not alone. 

Caregiver’s Dilemma 

When you are the care taker of a baby who has serious illness, it may feel as if the entire world is in your hands. Your ill baby needs your care. You can have other babies who need you. Your husband or wife needs you. As a matter of fact, your work needs you as well.  

But there is only so much that you offer before you will feel physically, emotionally and mentally drained. That is the reason why it is a need and not a luxury, to take good care of yourself so you can feel empowered and recharge once more to continue to care and support for your baby. 

Caregiving Tips 

Some of these guidelines may seem much easier said than done and few of these may seem downright silly or trivial. However, in order to make it through the haul, consider the principle of the rule of air-safety about wearing your oxygen mask first prior to helping other people.  

  1. Take Breaks

It is very important to set a schedule for your breaks on a regular basis every week, even for just 1 or 2 hours a day, when you can while a family, health aide or a friend visits your baby. Once you are away, that is the time to take a break or have some relaxing activities. Do not feel guilty about spending time with yourself. Have a coffee with your friend, take a nap, read an article on a newspaper and whatever relaxing activity you do. While your away, your baby will probably enjoy having somebody else to play with and you will feel recharged when you are back. 

  1. Exercise

Whether you do yoga, bike ride or a brisk walk, most individuals find exercise a great help to clear mind, improves sleep and boosts energy levels. Even a 20-minute exercise can refresh your body, therefore, save a little of your time every single day to get moving. 

  1. Eat Right Meals

It is a no surprise that frequent drinking of coffee and picking at leftovers can actually leave you feeling run down and tired. If you know you are going to be out, have some nutritious snacks with you such as granola bars, fruits, nuts or sandwiches. And if your friends or family members offer to bring you homemade meals, do not refuse and take some of those healthy meals.